41st Street Residence, Phoenix, Arizona 85018 - Completed in 2015
Arcadia Heights, Phoenix, Arizona 85018

Design Planning

Partner with an experienced architect to make your design vision come to life. Decide how wide your hallways, and how tall your ceilings will be in your new space. Temac believes every square foot of your house matters, that is why our in house architect ensures your space is maximized and every square foot makes sense.


Step 1: We Talk to Gather Your Ideas, Wants and Needs

We need to get to know you as a client to best serve you. From learning your style, what is most important to you in design conception or just how you like to best communicate, we want our working relationship to be enjoyable and productive.


Step 4: We Sketch to Design Full Interior and Exterior Layouts

Putting colored pencils to paper, and 3D Cad renderings on screen to envision the project in real square footage

Step 2: We Pinpoint Your Design Vision

Taking into account all your thoughts, we help narrow your ideas into a style for the project. Whether its ultra modern, contemporary, mid-century modern, ranch-style, rustic metal or a combination of a few, there is no wrong design style if its yours.


Step 5: We Present, Refine & Customize

Together we review the designs, going over every detail to edit to perfection


Step 3: We Research Unique Design Concepts to Incorporate

At Temac, we strive to create a unique one-of-a-kind project every build, we don’t like copycats. If it’s new storage solutions you crave, we will do our best to give you one of a kind architectural design concepts that are truly noteworthy.

Step 6: We Begin the Building Process

We will finalize all building permits, the project budget, construction team and plan to break ground

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