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Temac Development, Inc. offers land development services throughout Arizona, California and Nevada. Since 2003 we have built multiple neighborhoods with a combined 600 houses, townhomes and condos. Supporting all new construction, big and small, we provide a wide variety of services and have quickly gained a reputation for providing cost-effective and timely engineering. Temac is focused on all aspects of land development, including:

Land Acquisition

Public Utilities

Site Planning

Drainage Systems

Full Infrastructure




Temac has developed multiple residential lots with infrastructure includes roads, drainage systems, water, sewerage, and public utilities – all to completion and move-in with new homeowners. Utilizing our team of qualified managers and subcontractors, we can facilitate the role of prime contractor, working directly for the developer to manage all aspects of a project. We also welcome the opportunity to act as the subcontractor and work alongside the General Contractor performing a variety of tasks to get the job done.

Sites Developed

Homes Constructed

Years in Business

Land Development Portfolio Above

The above slideshow showcases the previous properties Temac Development Inc. has personally developed from start to finish.

  • Mineral Canyon: Construction Management and Infrastructure
  • Highline Ranch: 125 Semi-custom Homes, Construction Management
  • Pines at South Mountain: 175 Semi-custom Homes, Construction Management
  • Pines at the Raven: 135 Semi-custom Homes, Construction Management
  • Mountainside Estates: A 19 Custom Home Lot Development Site

Land Acquisition

Do you dream of purchasing a specific piece of land, but don’t know where or how to find it? With the help of the best land real estate agents in Phoenix, Temac can help inform you if your dream piece of land is on the market, and help you go through the process of acquiring it. From scoping out a plot of land, on the market yet or not, going through the title process, and most importantly rezoning to fit your projects needs, Temac is here every step of the way. We know what it takes to acquire the right dirt to begin developing the best projects.

Site Planning

Now you own a piece of dirt, but it is rough and in need of major site clean up and TLC. From removing buildings, concrete, rotted or broken trees, weeds, scrubs, to softening and leveling the dirt, Temac will make your land a clean slate ready to begin development. Simultaneously, our civil engineering professionals go to work, and our in house architects present plans to make your development a reality.

Full Infrastructure

Trust in Temac to work with Arizona’s SRP and APS electric companies to properly set up power to your development. Let us work with the city to design and dig sewer lines, and proper utilities up to code. We then work with many cable and internet companies to wire state of the art cable and internet lines to keep your new development up to speed and plugged in. From finishing details to pouring asphalt streets to lightning up the sky with energy efficient street lights, we do it all.

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Whatever your need, Temac Development will provide the experience and expertise necessary to complete a wide range of services. Contact us for the best personalized experience available on your next project!

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