What We Build

We love to build handmade, one-of-a-kind choppers, hot rods, 4 wheelers and even beach cruisers. Offering our clients top of the line quality engineering and paint. Rest assured that upon completion, your piece of art will be show-worthy. Projects are available from ground up customizations to specialized adaptations.

Using our in-house frame jig and our extensive CNC machine shop, we utilize the latest technology to build timeless choppers and hot rods. Customizations are our specialty... if you are looking for a one of a kind creation, come meet the guys that make it happen and see what they're working on right now.

Handmade Choppers

Our handmade choppers offer the distinct advantage of being a one-of-a-kind piece. You control the shots of how you want the bike to look. Our partner Deluxe Customs then puts the finishing touches on what becomes the only bike of its kind on the road. Our clients are the type that appreciate the quality detail and attention that goes into building something by hand. 

Building Hot Rods

We can rebuild it, we have the technology...especially now that Temac Development has joined forces with Matt Howard of Deluxe Customs. It's kind of disheartening to see that Hot Rods are somewhat of a lost passion with kids today opting for $50,000 pick-up trucks instead of old-fashioned muscle. Oh well, that just means less of a flooded market so that true automobile connoisseurs can make owning a classic vintage ride a true reality.


This is where Temac comes into the equation. We are in the business of unearthing hidden treasures of the Hot Rod realm. Whether it's a Ford Fairlane that's been buried in an outbuilding for 30 years or a Charger 440 that's been on blocks in the front yard since Ford was in office, many old cars still have some plenty of life left in them, and Deluxe Customs is the resuscitator. Vintage hot rods each hold a special story whether they conjure up images of your first date, Sunday drives, or a family heirloom passed from generation to generation. Because these memories are custom, so is the service that Temac and Deluxe provides.


With a shrewd attention to detail and an eye on quality our finished products will make you want to break out the jean jacket & 2112 T-shirt to cruise like the good old days.


When we say hot rod restoration we're not just talking about getting vintage vehicles road ready. This is an undertaking with perfection in mind whether it's a hot new take on an old classic, or bringing the vehicle back to its original glory with as many factory gauges, lights, and parts as possible. Like all great things from the 60s, 70s and 80s, these vintage vehicles just need a little rehab.

The Owner's Car

Temac Development owner, Tim McCormac had such a passion for cars at an early age that he saved his pennies and bought his very first 1960 Cadillac Coupe De Ville when he was 32 years old. We all know the man who buys himself this classic as a project knows he's taking on quite a responsibility. Cadillacs are revered among custom car guys as the gold standard for ride quality and mammoth, American-built iron.

The Best in the Business

Temac Development has joined forces with Matt Howard of Deluxe Customs and his 18 years of dedication and experience with custom painting cars, trucks and motorcycles. Together, our approach of devoted attention to quality, detail and the ability to surpass our customers expectations breathes fresh air into this business and sets us at the top of our class.


Our keen attention to details and customer desires are truly something special and unique.


We go all-out, offering absolute perfection and dedication to exceed customers' wishes and fulfill your unique automotive desires.

Custom Finishes and Furniture


Let's put this bluntly, there's only so much appeal that can be drained from Grandmammy's beaten down, old, 3-legged wicker chair. Especially in a cutting edge finished basement or an electronically decked-out converted garage. Along those same lines, shopping for furniture that suits your attitude and style can be brutal. There are many pieces out there that come close to matching your taste – but they just aren't nailing your personality full throttle.


Enter the world of custom furniture...


Interior design can be challenging whether you have to match new décor to existing unique pieces or you just want a style that isn't cookie cutter, assembly line like every other home you've ever visited. Custom pieces are awesome because they create a focal point in your room and have the versatility to either serve as a subtle background enhancement or become the conversation piece of the area. All that being said, let's not forget the best part of decorating your place with custom pieces – it's cool stuff that you get to enjoy, forget what your guests think.


Looking for that impossible-to-find, perfect cocktail table? That nightstand that just has to match the bed? Faced with a challenging interior that demands special sizes and materials? We can build it. Our motto when it comes to custom furniture is “whatever it takes.” You won't find our warehouse stocked with dime a dozen IKEA end tables because every piece is made to order.


Are you looking for a nightstand to match a an antique bed frame dug out of an old shed? How about a custom bed for man's best friend? Maybe you just want to update a misfit group of rogue bar stools into one solid, cohesive design? Either way, we like a challenge. We guarantee everything is custom made to order, with client-specific furniture designs and handcrafted the old-fashioned way with quality materials and fine workmanship. You don't have to be a furniture designer to work with us; we understand that design is a bit of an evolution. Whether it's a modification of a previous design or an original concept, Temac Development will custom fabricate the ideal furniture design for your next project.


The beauty of traditional furniture crafting has been lost in today's “churn & burn” high quantity manufacturing methods. At Temac we like to take an old school approach by handcrafting each of our custom pieces using only high-quality materials. You don't have to be a 4-year design school graduate to get the custom furniture design you've always wanted – heck, scribble it out on a bar napkin and we'll evolve from there. Whether you have a new concept or fabrication ideas from an old design let our custom furniture design team work our magic and bring this baby to life as we put your wicker chair out of its misery.

The Orchid House Loft Remodel

Bright white leather soft to the touch, clean lines, accented with specialty LED lighting, shiny wood floors and tall ceilings make this loft a showstopper.

Specialty Lighting

In support of our green building practices, we also specialize in LED accent lighting. Lighting is a large part of creating the mood of any room. You can create your own personality with color - and with peace of mind knowing that LED lighting solutions use only 1/10 the energy of comparable traditional lighting, and last 25 times longer. If you turned on an LED-based light bulb today, and left it on 24/7, it would stay lit for approximately five years!


LED lighting applications range from the complete outfitting of commercial and institutional buildings to basic home lighting: business and residential light fixtures, light bulbs, lanterns, step lights and LED night lights. We also provide custom lighting solutions to meet any need.


Whatever your dreams, Temac Development will provide the experience and expertise necessary to complete a wide range of services. Contact us for the best personalized experience available on your next project!

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