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Let’s put this bluntly, there’s only so much appeal that can be drained from Grandmammy’s beaten down,old, 3-legged wicker chair, especially in a cutting edge finished basement or an electronically decked-out converted garage. Along those same lines, shopping for furniture that suits your attitude and style can be brutal. There are many pieces out there that come close to matching your taste – but they just aren’t nailing your personality full throttle.


Enter the world of custom furniture…


Interior design can be challenging whether you have to match new décor to existing unique pieces or you just want a style that isn’t cookie cutter, assembly line like every other home you’ve ever visited. Custom pieces are awesome because they create a talking point in your room and have the versatility to either serve as a subtle background enhancement or become the focal point of the area. All that being said, let’s not forget the best part of decorating your place with custom pieces – it’s cool stuff that you get to enjoy, forget what your guests think.


Our motto when it comes to custom furniture is “whatever it takes.” You won’t find our warehouse stocked with dime a dozen IKEA end tables because every piece is made to order. Are you looking for a nightstand to match a an antique bed frame dug out of an old shed? How about a custom bed for man’s best friend? Maybe you just want to update a misfit group of rogue bar stools into one solid, cohesive design? Either way, we like a challenge.


The beauty of traditional furniture crafting has been lost in today’s “churn & burn” high quantity manufacturing methods. At Temac we like to take an old school approach by handcrafting each of our custom pieces using only high-quality materials. You don’t have to be a 4-year design school graduate to get the custom furniture design you’ve always wanted – heck, scribble it out on a bar napkin and we’ll evolve from there. Whether you have a new concept or fabrication ideas from an old design let our custom furniture design team work our magic and bring this baby to life as we put your wicker chair out of its misery.

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